In this clinic, there is a special assistant who comforts the other dogs during their operations -
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In this clinic, there is a special assistant…
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In this clinic, there is a special assistant who comforts the other dogs during their operations


It is normal that when someone we know becomes ill - a friend of ours or a loved one - we feel compelled to offer our care and our support, to alleviate at least some of their suffering.

No one likes to see a friend become ill and sometimes it actually takes very little to comfort a person in a difficult moment.

In fact, gentle words, small gestures, and sincere attention can make the difference for someone who, for example, finds themself in a hospital bed.

Well, maybe you will be amazed but even our four-legged friends need to be comforted in their times of need.

This veterinarian, in particular, has a very special assistant who helps him to calm down frightened patients ... and his assistant is a dog!


The Internet sometimes gives us wonderful things and this photo of a "dog medical assistant" that tranquilizes one of his fellow dogs, that is getting ready to be visited by the vet, is the proof.

In short, "dog therapy" in every sense of the word!

The image was initially posted on Reddit, where it received more than 70,000 likes and then went viral on Facebook and Twitter in a short amount of time!

"Everything will be fine" is what this dog seems to be saying to the frightened and sick dog lying on the operating table.

image: Reddit

An especially tender image, that immortalizes a moment of incredible solidarity between the two animals. All the sick dogs visiting this veterinarian will thus be able to have a companion, a "friendly face", that comforts them in such an unpleasant moment. 

On the other hand animal-assisted therapy, the so-called "pet therapy", is slowly becoming an increasingly widespread practice thanks to the highly satisfactory results evidenced in patients who have benefited from it. In fact, pet therapy animals, have long been used in hospitals to try to cheer up and comfort sick human patients.

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