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A nosey woman tries to spy on her neighbor…
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A nosey woman tries to spy on her neighbor and gets stuck in the security door gate railings for five hours!


Sometimes minding one's own business is the best thing to do. How many times have we been "victims" in our own neighborhood of neighbors who are too nosey?

Rude and sometimes devoid of any discretion, nosey people are the type of individuals to whom we would not tell anything about our lives, not even the most trivial details for fear that they will broadcast it to everyone.

But do not worry, also for the so-called "busybodies", karma strikes when they least expect it. Just like it did with this woman ... who was a little too interested in someone else's business!

image: Facebook

This incredible incident happened in the city of La Virginia in Colombia, where a woman decided to eavesdrop on her neighbor who was engaged in an argument, probably so that she could later gossip about it with her friends.

Evidently, in order to hear the argument better, she put her head through the iron railings on the security door gate. And she promptly received the "punishment" she deserved.

In fact, when she tried to retract her head, she discovered that she could not! Consequently, she was stuck for a good five hours in the security door gate railings of the house of the person who she was trying to eavesdrop on due to allowing her curiosity to get the best of her!

image: Facebook

The fire brigade was called to free the woman from the iron security door gate railings and it is not entirely clear, however, why the rescue operation took five hours.

Could it be that perhaps, the "liberation" of the nosy neighbor lasted longer than expected because the members of the fire brigade were secretly laughing up their sleeves?!? Probably! 

In today's day and age, it is needless to add that the captured images of this woman, awkwardly stuck between the iron security door gate railings of her neighbor's house, immediately went viral on the Internet, the moment they appeared on the social media networks.

Will this nosey woman have learned her much deserved lesson? Perhaps, it was a little excessive, but certainly, karma did a great job!


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