Are you one of the people in the O blood type group? Here are 5 things you should know -
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Are you one of the people in the O blood…
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Are you one of the people in the O blood type group? Here are 5 things you should know


What makes every human being unique is not only their genetic makeup but also a set of cultural, psychological, character, and environmental components.

However, the old proverb "the apple does not fall far from the tree" has, however, a foundation of truth as the blood group can also influence some distinctive traits in people.

Did you know that those who are part of the O blood types have unique characteristics compared to others?

Throughout history, new blood grouping systems have been developed, based on factors known as antigens. The International Society of Blood Transfusions currently recognizes about 30 classification methods, among which are the ones called Rhesus (or RH factor) and that of the Austrian biologist Karl Ernest Landsteiner (or ABO factor). 

Within this last group, we can distinguish four blood groups (phenotypes): A (A- and A +), B (B + and B-), AB and O (O- and O +). To be specific, the rarest is the AB group which only has 6% of the world population, then there is the B group which corresponds to 22%, the A group at 32% and finally the O group O which is the one shared by as many as 44% of the people on Earth.

At least for once, however, it is not the rarest blood group that is also the most special but rather the opposite. There are in fact particular qualities that only those belonging to the blood type O possess, and here is a list of them.

image: Pixabay
  • Universal compatibility. People in the blood group type O can donate blood to all the other blood types (phenotypes) A, B, and AB, but they can only receive transfusions from individuals in their own O blood group. 
  • Leadership. The individuals in the phenotype O are born with a natural aptitude for command, although this ability does not always translate into the strict meaning of the term. Therefore, also when, it is not a question of real "commanders" or leadership, still, these people are inclined to help others. 
  • Impulsiveness. Those born with blood type O have the innate habit of often acting without thinking very much about the consequences.
image: Pixabay
  • Disease resistance. Blood group O people get sick, just like any other human being but less frequently and also have the ability to heal faster. 
  • Hyperactivity. The O blood group has a higher percentage of hormones which makes these individuals like "electric batteries". They should, therefore, avoid alcohol, stimulating or exciting substances. 
This data, which is a bit like "a daily horoscope", should also not be taken too seriously, as we are talking about attributes related to billions of people, so it would be absurd to reduce a human being's identity to a mere combination of chemicals.
Nevertheless, biology is certainly a powerful legacy that everyone carries with them, but what really makes men and women extraordinary is their ability to feed the flame generated by a simple spark of life on their own, and that's for sure!

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