They got married in 1966 and 50 years later they wear the same wedding clothes ... and they are simply perfect! -
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They got married in 1966 and 50 years…
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They got married in 1966 and 50 years later they wear the same wedding clothes ... and they are simply perfect!

May 24, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Deciding to spend an entire lifetime with someone, is rare today.

One could write whole treatises about why relationship bonds are no longer as solid as they used to be, maybe times have changed or it is simply people.

So when we hear of couples who manage to reach the goal of half a century of marriage, we remain enchanted, moved and a bit envious of those who have been able to make a lifetime promise and really keep it.

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The "who" in this case are Carol-Ann and Jim Stanfield, an English couple from Staffordshire, who celebrated 50 years of marriage on 1 October 2016.

The two met in 1962 and married four years later. While they were preparing for their 50th wedding anniversary celebration, their niece Hayley asked to see their wedding photos.

So while she was engaged in looking for the wedding photos, she came across a big box containing the wedding clothes her grandparents had worn on that fateful day when they both had said: "I do".

image: YouTube

Looking at the wedding clothes, Hayley had a wonderful and a little bit crazy idea, which was to convince her grandparents to put on their wedding clothes and wear them during their 50th wedding anniversary party!

Initially, Jim and Carol-Ann tried to decline the offer, stating that these were garments that had been kept in the attic for decades, so certainly they had to be in poor condition.

image: YouTube

But, surprisingly, the wedding clothes were not in poor condition, and Hayley's insistence prevailed, and one could say--- fortunately!

In fact, when the couple tried on their old wedding clothes, it was as if time had been turned back, almost as if they had just stepped straight out of the images in their wedding photo album.

Consequently, their granddaughter's idea was accepted and the clothes were sent to the dry cleaners, to be ready to be worn and shown off on their 50th wedding anniversary day.

Seeing the Carol-Ann and Jim of 1966 and 2016 is extraordinary, and it fills the heart with joy and tenderness.

50 years have passed, and, yes, their faces have changed a bit due to age and wrinkles, but their smiles and loving looks for each other have remained exactly the same!

image: YouTube

On their first honeymoon, the two went to Malta, while for their second the destination was Turkey.

Carol-Ann was asked what was the secret to such a long and happy marriage, and she replied: "We have very different interests and passions but what keeps us so united is the ability to laugh together." 

What can we say, but wish Carol-Ann and Jim ... many more years of fun, enjoyment, happiness, and good health. Congratulations!

image: YouTube
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