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A man completely paints his house bright…
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A man completely paints his house bright pink, but his neighbors find it very difficult to accept!

May 21, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

What would happen if you or a member of your neighborhood painted the exterior walls of your or their home with a garish color, unusual for a peaceful and quiet suburban residential area?

Well, we will answer for you: they would not take it very well!

And this is more or less what happened to Emilio Rodriguez when he moved to the Mountain View residential area of ​​Pflugerville in Texas and gave the area that was, perhaps, even a little bit too quiet ... a bit of color!

via: Fox 7 News
image: Fox 7 News

At the age of four, Emilio suffered a car accident that unfortunately left him in a wheelchair and which also "gifted" him a life requiring numerous surgical operations to regain the movement of his lower limbs.

In all these years, what has always calmed and relaxed Emilio in the most difficult moments, in addition to the affection and support of his family and girlfriend, is the color pink.

Therefore, it is not a coincidence that, once he moved to Mountain View in 2018, his loved ones asked him not to paint the outer walls of the large house in his favorite color ... but he obviously did listen to them!

image: Fox 7 News

Inspired by the colors of his tattoos, Emilio found a pink paint color called "pink bismuth" and then he painted the exterior walls of his house with it, obviously getting himself noticed by his entire neighborhood.

In fact, in the days following the painting of his house, they threatened Emilio with messages and unpleasant comments.

But our brave protagonist did not give up. Presently, he wants to paint the fence, the external lights and even his wheelchair, the same color!

And now there is no stopping Emilio Rodriguez!


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