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A four-year-old child became myopic…
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A four-year-old child became myopic because his grandmother let him play with his smartphone every day for hours


How many times have we seen children "kept occupied" by their parents or relatives through the use o a smartphone or tablet?

Videos, music, games, cartoons, found on smartphones and tablets, which almost every one of us has today, can entertain small children, of course, but they can also cause significant damage.

This is fully demonstrated by what happened to a Taiwanese child who is barely four years old. The child, given to his grandmother by his parents while they were at work, was allowed to play and watch videos on his smartphone every day, continuously for several hours.

Too many hours, however, for his young eyes, which one day began to see blurred images. Alarmed, he warned his parents, who took him to a hospital for an eye examination. 

From there the diagnosis: myopia. The doctor warned the child's father and mother about the risks associated with using these electronic devices too intensely. 

The blue light that smartphones, tablets, etc, screens emit, in fact, can cause this eye condition, as well as accelerate macular degeneration. Myopia is treatable, of course, but macular degeneration indicates irreversible and more serious damage.

The average age of those who use portable technological devices is gradually decreasing, and this is undoubtedly a risk.

Experts warn that the damage from prolonged blue light exposure is still relatively unknown.

Consequently, according to the doctors, it is better not to abuse tablets and smartphones, and alternate the time we spend on screens with some breaks, maybe finding some contact with the "real world".

Only in this way can we defend ourselves (and defend our children, or grandchildren) from the risk of incurring the negative effects of "digital myopia".

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