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A little girl missing for two days returns…
A mother claims to have succeeded in improving her daughter's autism just by changing her diet! You turn around and your child has disappeared! Here is what you need to do immediately!

A little girl missing for two days returns home safe and sound! Her pit bull dog had protected her night and day!


In many families, there are situations of social hardship that risk endangering the lives of its younger members.

A case in point is Charlee, two years old, who had been entrusted to her grandmother that, however, still had some drug addiction problems.

Consequently, the grandmother, taking advantage of a few moments of tranquility, went out and left the little girl alone.

Charlee, perhaps looking for her grandmother, also left the house and went outside, and in a few minutes, she had completely disappeared from sight! However, there was someone, sensing the danger, that had decided to follow her.

Charlee was alone with her grandmother when she disappeared. The neighbors reported seeing her leave the house and take a small road towards the woods.

image: Beth Campbell / Facebook

Her grandmother's house, in fact, is located on the outskirts of a town, surrounded by woods and vegetation and very few houses.

image: Beth Campbell / Facebook

When her grandmother came back home, she immediately alerted the police, reporting that her two-year-old granddaughter had disappeared and with her also the family's female pit bull dog. A police patrol immediately came to the house, but in the meantime, the town's population had already been mobilized to search for the little girl. 

Obviously, being in the woods alone can be very dangerous for a two-year-old girl. In fact, in the past, there had been several accidents caused by the indigenous venomous snakes and by the natural water pools that often form in the woods. Charlee had to be found immediately without losing any time!

image: Beth Campbell / Facebook

Unfortunately, despite the hours spent searching for the little girl on a hot June day, there was no sign of her or the dog. Two days after her disappearance, many began to lose hope. There were just too many dangers in the area for such a small child to be able to survive on her own. 

In fact, her grandmother had shut herself up in her house to pray incessantly, when from the window she saw her pit bull dog emerge from the thick vegetation. Charlee was not with the dog, but something told her that the appearance of the pit bull was nevertheless a very good sign.

image: Beth Campbell / Facebook

The grandmother was right! Not far away, a man who is their neighbor, noticed a little blond girl, wearing the same clothes that Charlee was wearing when she disappeared.

The little girl had a dirty and tired face, but all in all, she was in good condition. The man had taken Charlee into his house, given her some water, and informed the police. Charlee had returned! 

image: Beth Campbell / Facebook

Thanks to what the little girl was able to tell them, the police and the grandmother were able to ascertain that the pit bull dog had protected the child during the two days that she was missing.

It is probably only thanks to the pit bull that the child was able to find her way home, and it cannot be ruled out that the dog also protected the little girl from the dangerous animals that inhabit that area.

This pit bull dog had always shown herself to be protective in regards to Charlee, but no one would have ever imagined that she would have gone so far as to do what she did.

For Charlee, only a vague memory of the experience will remain, but everyone else will always remember the little pit bull dog that was able to bring the little girl back home -- safe and sound!


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