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He didn't finish his schoolwork as he…
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He didn't finish his schoolwork as he was helping his pig give birth: the teacher forgives him

By Alison Forde

Although school and education are top priorities for a growing child, sometimes some force majeure can obstruct the road, and everything else takes a back seat. Little Juan Gabriel, a 9-year-old boy who lives in the province of Azuay, Ecuador, knows this well. His audio message sent on WhatsApp to his school teacher immediately went around the internet, generating approval and admiration at the same time.

Juan Gabriel's school teacher, Nancy Monroy, had given her pupils an assignment to do online and to be sent via the home computer, but the 9-year-old immediately realized that he could not deliver his school work on time because his pig Sandy was about to give birth ...

Juan put his homework aside and helped the pig to give birth as he was alone at home at the time, but not before sending an audio on WhatsApp to his teacher: "Dear teacher Nancy, good afternoon. I have to tell you that I was unable to send my homework in on time because after class finished my pig started giving birth and I don't know what time she will finish. And since my mother hasn't arrived home yet, I have to take care of it. As soon as she finishes giving birth, I will send the homework. Thank you. I hope you understand me. "

Nancy the teacher was not at all angry about the audio message sent by her pupil, rather she was understanding; she knew that Juan Gabriel's mother worked as a fruit and vegetable seller in a nearby town, and that the child was often alone in the house taking care of everything, even the pig. For this reason, the audio sent by this very willing student immediately went around the internet, where many applauded the gesture of great maturity and responsibility by Juan Gabriel, who at the age of 9 managed to assist at the birth without the help of anyone else.

To do this he placed his schoolwork in the background, but don't worry: the teacher was keen to point out that Juan is a good, studious and diligent pupil!



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