According to tradition, for a child a godmother can be like a second mother and here are her commitments -
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According to tradition, for a child…
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According to tradition, for a child a godmother can be like a second mother and here are her commitments


The figures of the godmother and of the godfather have a slightly different value based on the religion and culture of a particular people or a single family unit.

In Christian doctrine, in general, godmothers and godfathers are people who have the role of supporting and helping their godchildren by supporting the parents in their task of educating and raising their children.

In many countries, however, these tasks have a much deeper value that goes far beyond a simple ritual representation.

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Being a godmother to a child, in particular, means being like a second mother, someone who is really present and relevant in the daily life of the unborn child.

The duties of assistance and support also do not end when the godson or goddaughter reaches adulthood. just as it does not for a normal parent.

A godmother must, therefore, be chosen from among people for whom a parent feels absolute esteem and trust such as a friend, a sister or one's own mother.

It must be someone who does not just send gifts or make a financial contribution every now and then, but someone who is able to take on the responsibility of being a point of reference, especially if the real mother is absent for any reason.

In short, a godmother must be a second mother, who can take over if necessary, while conveying the same values.

A godmother is better than any life insurance, definitely preferable to the alternative of a guardian or other kinds of assistance that will never have the same beneficial emotional impact on one's child.

The godmother is and will be an extra help and a safety net if everything else should precipitate. Very few have the good fortune to have in their social circle a person to whom they can entrust such a precious and heavy responsibility, but those on whom this blessing has fallen will definitely have a more serene life.


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