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22 adorable dogs that will succeed in…
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22 adorable dogs that will succeed in infusing you with a good mood

March 31, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

All those who are lucky enough to have a dog in their lives know perfectly how much joy, affection, and good humor these fantastic furry friends can give, with their presence and their affectionate habits - and their mess ups (!), that are more or less involuntary.

In any case, knowing that someone is anxiously waiting for you at home, with a big smile on their muzzle and a tail wagging with happiness can really turn a bad day around.

For those who do not have this good fortune, we share these photos with you so they can also infuse you with love and joy, perhaps even convincing you to adopt a dog! ;)

1. As a good parent, he takes care of every type of newborn, even those that are not his own!

 2. He really would like to help his owner in his arduous task, but he is just too tired!


3. These two bosom buddies give each other a hug!

4. Sometimes these furry friends are the best baby sitters!

5. It's bath time!


6. A dog and kitten ... who said they can't be friends?

7. This golden retriever saved his owner from hypothermia and freezing to death, by lying on him and licking his hands and face.


8. A true friend does not abandon you in difficult moments

image: Glover/pikabu

9. A dog is also a great traveling companion and sometimes a cat, too! :)


10. As a true "gentleman", he helps women carry their bags!

11. "Hey handsome, bug off, the blonde is with me!"

12. What's this dog's specialty? Hugs on two legs!

13. A true mascot!

14. The love and affection of one's dog is a powerful healing therapy!

15. Guess who's waiting for you?

16. How to win his heart? By rubbing his belly, of course!

image: Anyppl/pikabu

17. A love that is impossible to divide

18. While waiting for chow time, may as well take a nap!

19. A very unusual tennis coach!

20. Impossible to leave without your best friend

21. Two art lovers pay homage to Michelangelo!

22. Two cuddling companions

Don't you feel better after seeing all these sweet and loving dogs? We bet they were able to make you smile! But, on the other hand, that is no surprise! It's their specialty!

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