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A divorced man gives 20 marriage tips…
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A divorced man gives 20 marriage tips that he regrets not having put into practice to save his marriage


After 16 years of marriage, Gerald Rogers lost the love of his life when they got divorced. 

This experience deeply marked him because together with the woman he loved he felt he also lost his best friend, as well as his best memories, and the dreams they had shared together.

So he thought of writing a sort of "vademecum nuptias", i.e."save your marriage" guidebook addressed to all those men who are in a love relationship and who intend to make it last. Here are his words of advice:

image: Nathan Dumlao/Unsplash
  • Give her her space. She must be able to be alone every now and then. The important thing is that she knows you are there and that she can count on you at all times. 
  • Make her laugh. Do not take yourself too seriously, always find the time to make her smile and laugh heartily, and making her happy just because you are there with her.  
  • Never stop courting her. Woe to you when you start to take your woman for granted. 
  • Fall in love with her every day. We must learn to look at our woman with new eyes, choosing every day to stay with her as we did the very first time. 
  • Always love her as she is. Time makes people different and also in matters of love, both partners must evolve. In this way, you grow together. 
  • Be responsible for your own emotions. Do not blame her but find happiness in her and with it the beauty of being a married couple. 
  • Unleash your passion. Sex is a very important component so you must fully experience intimacy, make her feel feminine, beautiful, and desired. 
  • Sincerity and sharing. With her always display maximum transparency, no secrets. Do not be afraid to show your feelings or admit your mistakes. 
  • Forgive and move on. Everyone makes mistakes do not let a mistake of the past completely condition the future. 
  • Be really present. Love her every day, give her your attention not just your time. When you are with her, you are not with anyone else.

Love is a team effort, of deep commitment and total availability. People are not perfect and neither are couple relationships, so there will always be some ups and downs.

The secret is to find the strength to overcome the difficulties and also to consider moments of crisis as an opportunity to restart.

Unfortunately, we often learn lessons after bad experiences, but we must remain optimistic and treasure the teaching because life will certainly give you an opportunity for redemption.

Thanks to his sorrow and regret, Gerald Rogers has become a better man and has shared his experience with the hope that many other men will never let go of the person they have beside them.

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