They watched over the belly of this mother-to-be for 9 months and when the baby arrived it was love at first sight! -
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They watched over the belly of this…
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They watched over the belly of this mother-to-be for 9 months and when the baby arrived it was love at first sight!

April 01, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

The lucky people who live with pets know that they are an integral part of their family: a furry or feathered member who arrived to enrich the family unit with its loving and cheerful presence. 

And in its own way, the pet is also aware of this relationship and as a family member, it takes part in every event that involves its family group, whether the event is happy or sad, the pet is there, to offer consolation or to rejoice together with the other family members. 

When the family expands, the family pets can also only be happy, as evidenced by the reaction of these two big, gentle and loving dogs to the arrival of the long-awaited baby.

image: screenshot 1

These are not just any two ordinary dogs, but a pair of Weimaraners, a beautiful German breed, dating back to the 18th century: it was then that they were bred, at the behest of Grand Duke Carl August, an avid hunter. 

But the Weimaraners are much more than just hunting dogs. In fact, they are docile and incredibly intelligent, and, despite the exuberant character of this type of dog, they are obedient and very fond of their owner. Above all, they are particularly gentle dogs and very patient with children.

Do not be frightened by the size and hunting origins of this big dog because the Weimaraner breed loves the "puppies of humans", as evidenced by these two specimens.

image: screenshot 2

In fact, as soon as they started to understand that their owner's increasingly swollen belly contained a new small "family member", the two dogs were even closer to her. They were constantly licking her belly, snuggling next to her and keeping her company whenever they could, these dogs tried to convey their love and joy to the baby. 

Imagine then when the baby was finally born! Their attention obviously shifted from their owner - who they never ceased to love - to that little human baby in need of protection and cuddling, becoming the baby's first and irreplaceable friends, as well as the best nannies in the house. 

Needless to say that, beyond the breed, every type of dog - but also cat - can be sweet and loving with children. All that is needed is that the owners educate both of them about how to interact and play together - but often it is also a simply a matter of instinct, or "love at first sight".  ;)

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