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5 practical tips to attract positive…
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5 practical tips to attract positive karma in your life


We often hear that "beautiful things happen when we least expect it".

Sometimes, without any apparent explanation, we feel like we are being guided by a positive force, as if the whole universe is rooting for us, and works in our favor so that we can achieve our goals.

One can speak of providence, destiny or karma, but the truth is that beautiful things happen to those who know how to make them happen. 

Whoever surfs knows it well, to ride a surfboard, you have to wait for the right wave. Something that is totally unpredictable and random, right?

Yet without the patience to wait or the ability to ride the wave when the time comes, even the best wave would be wasted. Basically, a bit of luck is necessary, but you must also be prepared to seize the opportunities when they arise.

A way to speed up positive events, unfortunately, does not exist, but some strategies can be useful to be ready when it is our turn to test ourselves.

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Dust off your dreams.  To desire a better life, to imagine and think about it every day feeds hope and confidence in tomorrow. 

Keep energy vampires away. We must never be influenced by the negativity of others. Those who try to discourage us often just want to stop us from realizing our dreams, and daring to do what they would never even try. 

Believe in yourself. Trusting one's abilities and in one's own value is the first step to attracting the attention of "Lady Luck". 

Break out of your routine. Repetition in everyday life can provide comfort and security, but it also exhausts our inner resources. Making small changes can trigger big changes because you never know when a good opportunity might present itself. 

Change your own thoughts. Thoughts determine our actions and our actions shape our environment. If you have the courage to change your way of thinking, you have the power to change your world. Doing it is not easy because experiences affect our behavior, especially negative ones. In these cases, it is good to remember that staying still is much more dangerous than consciously taking action.

image: pexels

Sometimes you just have to take a breath and let go. It may sound crazy, but Albert Einstein said that "Madness is always repeating the same action and expecting a different result".


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