More than expensive toys, a trip is the most beautiful gift you can give a child -
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More than expensive toys, a trip is…
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More than expensive toys, a trip is the most beautiful gift you can give a child

February 19, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

The marketing world submerges us with gift items designed to fill the world of childhood: so we quickly find the house submerged with toys, of which - almost as fast - the child will get tired of, to move on to something else. 

In reality, even if playing is fundamental to the growth of a child, most of the objects at their disposal are superfluous. What really matters for their cognitive and relational development, is the ability to participate in direct experiences in the world that surrounds them. 

That is why, instead of throwing a lot of money into buying a mountain of toys, it would be better to invest that money on a family trip.

image: pixabay

A trip allows one to get to know new places and people, thus changing one's daily perspective, and habits, in general. The schedule is not the same, the things to do are not the same, you will not sleep in your own bed and you will not have contact with the same people - apart from family members, of course. All of this is a huge benefit for children, who, by learning to adapt to changes, develop their own flexibility and resilience. 

In addition, while enthusiasm for a new toy is relatively short, on a trip, interest remains alive from start to finish, with ups and downs, of course, but with the prospect of new and unexpected events just around the corner - such as a different place to visit or an unknown dish to try.

These are new experiences that shape and define a person since they will become part of our cultural heritage forever - unlike what happens with objects, which do not contribute to our identity. 

We must also underline how a shared experience like a family trip contributes to strengthening family ties, by expanding the common area of memories and life stories. 

Finally, traveling makes everyone happier - young and old - so, it is really a great idea for your children's next gift. ;)

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