Better to marry late but be more conscious than to marry young the wrong person -
Better to marry late but be more conscious…
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Better to marry late but be more conscious than to marry young the wrong person

March 09, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

There are people who dream of their wedding day from an early age and cannot wait to meet their "other half" to make their dream come true. Therefore, some couples who meet and fall in love when they are young, get married very soon.

These individuals will have their good reasons for marrying so young, but their dreams should not influence the lives and dreams of others.

In fact, there is no universal law according to which an early marriage ensures happiness; or that it is correct to marry one's first love in order to ensure a rosy future. 

On the contrary, if marriage anxiety assails you, you should be aware that it is better to marry late, but with full knowledge of what you are doing and of your choice, rather than marry early in life and marry the wrong person.

Even if some of your friends before the age of thirty are starting to get married, do not be influenced by their decisions. Accept their wedding invitation, wish them good luck, and have fun at their wedding reception. But avoid thinking that you have to do the same at all costs.

As long as you are young, you are still very open to change; this means that your being - which in any case will always be in continuous and perennial transformation - in this phase, is not as well-defined as you think.

Moreover, what makes your heart beat faster today, is not necessarily what will conquer your esteem and your love tomorrow. Above all, it is definitely not the case to force one's hand to assume such a commitment, especially when it is not even about one's own dream, but about someone else's.

There are more constructive and useful ways to spend your time at this young age. Devote yourself to a career, to discovering the world and people and - why not - accumulating lessons about love, before taking the decisive step - if you ever feel you want to do it. It is not right to settle for someone just to be in line with what others are doing.

Most people are not lucky enough to meet their soul mates at a young age, nor should they find one at all costs. Learning to feel good and to love oneself is the first fundamental lesson on which the possibility of being happy with others later depends. Therefore, be patient, and enjoy your youth in freedom. 

Even if you are convinced that you have already found the love of your life, it is better to wait, without rushing into anything. In fact, if this relationship is destined to last forever, there will be nothing wrong in postponing the wedding that sooner or later, however, will consecrate your love and relationship. 

We must not let society impose on us the moments and the stages of our sentimental journey. Rather, it is better, to stay single, than rush to get married before being really mature enough to make it work and to have found the person who can accompany us for the rest of our lives.


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