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A mother brings her newborn daughter…
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A mother brings her newborn daughter to work and her boss takes a picture, but it triggers a heated debate

February 07, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Maternity and work is a decidedly hot topic; unfortunatelyin many cases there is no policy that protects women, allowing them to raise their young children, with serenity and with the right dedication without at the same time being excluded from the workforce.

The story of which we are about to speak has as its protagonist a new mother who obtained "permission" from her employer to bring her baby to work.

Was this a gesture of benevolence and humanity on the part of the company or a reality that forces mothers to place work as a higher priority than their children?

Melody was allowed to work from home during her maternity leave, but she knew that very soon she would have to physically return to work. Therefore, her employer allowed her to bring her baby with her to work, so that she could breastfeed her baby and come back to work at the same time. 

At the end of a stressful day at work, Melody's boss had the idea to take a picture of her. In the photo, Melody can be seen at her desk, with a visibly tired face, the phone resting on her shoulder and held in place by her head, one hand busy taking notes while using the other hand to hold and support her daughter. 

The photo ended up on Facebook where many people expressed their opinion about the captured image. According to Melody's boss, other companies should also allow mothers to bring their young babies with them to the workplace, adding that the first few months of life are too beautiful not to be fully experienced. On the other hand, there were those who emphasized the fact that having to be anchored to a desk at work was not really the best way to fully live those first intense months as a new mother. 

Unfortunately, the story of Melody is exactly that of many other women who, at the birth of a child, are forced to have to put on the same level work and attention for their children. Yes, of course, it is also true that there are many situations that are worse, in which a new mother finds herself out of work because of her absence for maternity leave. 

In conclusion, however, it is clear that many countries and local realities lack policies that give due importance to motherhood and that consider it a moment of formation (for both mother and child) which is very important and not just as a period in which a woman is absent from work. 

And what do you think about the possibility of bringing your children to work? Is it better than leaving them in daycare or not?

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