Thanks for tearing me apart because I'm stronger now than before -
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Thanks for tearing me apart because…
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Thanks for tearing me apart because I'm stronger now than before


Thanks for breaking my heart because now I'm stronger than before. I do not hate you, on the contrary, I thank you. If I had not been left in the darkness I would never have found the sun inside me. If I had not been left in the cold I would never have discovered the fire that burned inside me. 

When you could not love yourself, you were overwhelmed by pain, you humiliated me to elevate yourself; I saw that pain and despite everything, I chose to love you anyway. 

It was nice to think that we were destined to be together forever, but one cannot live breathing poison. The love you could not find inside yourself, you searched for in me, taking love away from me almost completely.

You hurt me, made me feel useless, but I dried my tears and gave you, even more, love, all I had and all I could give. For you, I forgot to love myself. You were not there to console me as I would have done for you. Rejected and alone, I realized that the only person who really mattered was me. 

I spent sleepless nights trying to figure out where I went wrong and asking myself a thousand questions. But basically, I realized that you were just afraid of being loved, in the way that you would never have been able to do. 

For you, I questioned everything, my value, my feelings, my limitations, and all the certainties that I had before meeting you. You were the sun I needed to grow, but you allowed your inner emptiness to eclipse our love until everything was finished.

In spite of everything, now I thank you, because at that moment, finding myself broken into pieces, I was able to understand that love for myself was the only thing that I really need. You made me understand that flowers can bloom even in the dark. 

I wish you could see me now, and look at the garden that has grown in place of the desert you left behind.

After having looked inside me and discovered how much power there is in loving oneself, now I can tell you that I wish you all the best and that even far away from you I will continue to love you.

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