To my female friends, who love my children as if they were their own -
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To my female friends, who love my children…
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To my female friends, who love my children as if they were their own


If something has changed drastically in my life, now that I am a mother, it has been my friendships. 

When I got pregnant, one of the things I immediately understood was that the real friends are the ones that remain.

Those who left, maybe they were simply not real friends, or maybe they were going through a different moment of life: the fact is that they have not yet seen my daughter who is a now a year old.

But the others, those that have remained, have become one of the pillars of my life. 

To those, who have remained, I want to say: thank you! 

Thank you for being my lifeline when everything seems to go wrong, thanks for continuing to share your life with me and my daughter, thank you for loving my children as if they were yours. To you, my friends, who you have earned with merit the title of aunts, I want to say that I appreciate everything you have done and continue to do for me and my daughter. 

I know that we do not see each other as much as before, that we no longer frequent the same places and we do not have the same schedules because I have to take care of my baby girl. I know that I will miss many events and appointments. But, please, never stop inviting me. Do not forget to invite me because it is important to me: it means that I am still a part of your lives. 

Thank you for agreeing to go with me to amusement places for families with children's even if we could not speak for more than five minutes in a row. Thanks to my friends who share this adventure of being mothers, thank you for the support and for always having reassuring answers to the questions of an anxious new mother. Seeing our children grow up together makes me think of the future and as long as we are friends we will never grow old.

To all my female friends: know that the day when you decide to become mothers, you can always count on me and I will love your children as if they were mine.

I also want to thank the friends who went away because they were important at a certain point in my life; and even if now that they are gone, it's okay because the door is always open in case one day you want to come back. 

Your female friends are important, and if you love your kids you should never let them go.

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