The relationship between grandparents and their grandchildren is a precious treasure that must be preserved forever -
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The relationship between grandparents…
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The relationship between grandparents and their grandchildren is a precious treasure that must be preserved forever


Nowadays, we are forgetting too often about how important the contribution of one's entire family is in the raising of a child.

In particular, grandparents play a significant role due to the emotional and educational contribution they can give to their grandchildren.

We must never underestimate the value of the relationship that children can establish with their grandparents. In fact, this bond is a very precious treasure that must be cultivated and preserved forever.

image: Pixabay

It is important for a child to grow up in a family that is not only made up of their mom and dad: uncles, aunts, cousins, and especially grandparents are able to transmit incomparable educational and emotional wealth. Unfortunately, our modern and hectic life has slackened relationships between family members, a truly important loss that we should try somehow to recuperate. But why are grandparents considered so important to their grandchildren? This is mainly due to three factors that make them unique. 

  • 1. They are great educators. Grandparents are a very important educational point of reference for grandchildren. Thanks to their more lenient temperament and tales of times gone by, their teachings are completely different from those that a child can receive at home with their parents or at school. 
  • 2. They have different points of view. They have an emotional involvement with their grandchildren that is different when compared to what parents can have. You can say that they look at their grandchildren with different eyes! 
  • 3. Patient and joyful. Usually, grandparents have fewer commitments and therefore, have more time available that they can dedicate with joy to their grandchildren. In fact, they use it to play with them and tell them "romanticized stories" about their lives in the past.
image: Picryl

Obviously, a grandfather or grandmother can never replace a parent, but this does not mean that they cannot give their grandchild wonderful childhood memories and indelible emotions that can be helpful to them in the future.

This is why the relationship that grandchildren have with grandparents is very precious and should be kept and cultivated as a treasure!

After all, they have a special power to understand our emotions and when necessary, they know how to comfort us in the best way.


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