Good-hearted people are often repaid with ingratitude, yet they are the ones who live happier lives ... -
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Good-hearted people are often repaid…
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Good-hearted people are often repaid with ingratitude, yet they are the ones who live happier lives ...


Goodness is a moral quality lauded by philosophers and writers. As Socrates said, "No evil can happen to a good man, either in life or after death."

A good person does not expect gratitude but follows their instinct to help others. And while an evil person thinks only of themselves, a good person thinks of others --- and beyond family or sentimental ties. 

Good people go against the trend which is the most extraordinary of human enigmas. They do not limit themselves to returning good to good people, but also return good to evil people and redeems them.

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A truly good person is constant, productive, always smiling and happy, unselfish and ready to help even the wicked, the arrogant, and the liar, in spite of being repaid only with bitterness and disappointment. 

A good person will continue on their path and with unconscious childlike belief will face evil with goodness, and in the end, goodness will be the winner. 

In life, everything passes beauty, regrets, memories, but a good person will never be forgotten and this, perhaps, will be their one and only glorious reward.

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It would appear that our modern world has lost the ability to express goodness and comprehension and it seems that there are other more popular moral and civic values.

A good and intelligent person knows that they will find wickedness and iniquity along their life path, but they also know that disarming goodness can bring great benefits not only to the person to whom it is addressed but to the whole community.

A good person will never feel alone because they will always have in their soul the awareness of being in the right and this will give them true intellectual and spiritual freedom.

People are no longer used to being listened to, advised, and loved, therefore goodness often creates distrust of those who use it, but a good person does not back away from this obstacle. A good person will use patience and love with a distrustful person until they can reveal their kind and gentle soul. 

Life is never easy for a good person, but they have the courage and the strength to continue to go forward and do good for the welfare of all humanity.


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