All the characteristics of Taurus --- which is the most tenacious sign of the zodiac! -
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All the characteristics of Taurus ---…
Being faithful is a symptom of intelligence because unfaithful people are less Physical attraction, without mental attraction, is not enough.

All the characteristics of Taurus --- which is the most tenacious sign of the zodiac!


This is a person who is a perfectionist, and who also knows how to be kind, calm, and combative, but only when necessary. And they were born under the sign of Taurus, the most tenacious sign of the zodiac

An earth sign, solid, and influenced by Venus --- that gives this sign profound emotions and makes a Taurus a reliable and sincere partner.

A Taurus person is constant, patient, and has a formidable ability to sniff out possible dangers against which they immediately raise a protective shield for themselves and for those they love.

Here, below we see what are the main characteristics of people born under the sign of Taurus.

image: unsplash
  • 1. Tenacity: Taurus people do not like to undertake unknown paths, but when they do, they do not stop and do not become fearful when faced with obstacles.  
  • 2. Loyalty: Those born under the sign of Taurus are not easy to win over, they often appear almost reluctant to let themselves go. But once a relationship has started, they are loyal and reliable partners. 
  • 3. Charm: Taurus is not a zodiac sign that loves to show off, but they do have a powerful and irresistible charm. One example above all? Rudolph Valentino! 
  • 4. Sociable: Taurus people are open, kind, and very friendly. They are also not inclined to rush to judgment and are also discretely tolerant. 
  • 5. Joyful: Those born under the sign of Taurus love to have fun, to live surrounded by people who are not too serious, and who are also lovers of the healthy pleasures of life.
  • 6. Creativity: Taurus people are not always able to express their creativity in a complete way because of the armor they wear to protect their feelings and emotions. This often prevents them from exhibiting all of their skills and talent. However, whenever they do manage to express it, they offer incredible surprises! 
  • 7. Jealousy: Taurus is perhaps one the most jealous signs of the zodiac. They have a strongly possessive temperament, and when it transforms into jealousy, they become moody and hard to manage. 
  • 8. Critical spirit: Their critical spirit and perseverance, allow Taurus people to reach their prefixed goals and objectives. They know how to achieve success.

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