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Do not beg for anyone's attention, let…
7 ways of being happy, confirmed by behavioral science experts For two people to truly love each other, they must first of all be best friends.

Do not beg for anyone's attention, let alone their love!


Love is a force so powerful that it can push those who are possessed by it to do everything for their beloved, even at the cost of sacrificing themselves; while also knowing that there are no promises of reward.

In fact, true love is disinterested and unconditional. 

Yet this does not mean being forced by the other person to humble and mortify yourself. Love must never be implored or begged for.

Those who know that you love them but still take advantage of you without reciprocating your love simply do not deserve your attention.

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In fact, in a love relationship as a couple the reciprocity of the exchange, of sentiments and emotions must be at the base of everything; when this is missing there is an imbalance that cannot be ignored for long because it involves a continuous humiliation of the person who offers all of him or herself for love's sake.

When one of the parties does not reciprocate and is stingy with concrete gestures of love - indeed, words do little if they are not accompanied by positive actions - then it is useless and counterproductive to insist on being loved in turn.

Nonetheless, despite having given without ever receiving anything in return and the other person making you feel insignificant and invisible, this should not lead to extreme actions such as begging for the other person's love. In fact, their indifference and coldness mean that they are not worth your impassioned love, nor the loss of your dignity. 

Remember that the other person must deserve the magnanimity of your feelings and gestures of love. How? By always taking care of you, making you feel important, and fundamental, in their life. 

And to do this, time is never lacking - or rather, a person can always find the time - because when you love someone very much, then there are no obstacles to demonstrating it. 

Therefore, when you perceive that the other person lacks interest, you should review your expectations and hopes. If these are misplaced, then they can cause a lot of pain, emotional, and also physical. 

No one can live their life suffering in this way, due to a frustrated and unrequited love. You have to face reality and realize that it is not a constructive or beneficial love relationship. Above all, one must love oneself by rediscovering one's own value. How can this be done?

It can be done by dedicating our time to people who make us feel good, and who deserve our attention - such as friends and relatives. And also, by occupying our time with our passions and filling our time with ourselves.

But first and foremost, it can be done by removing from our lives, the person who does not deserve us, who takes advantage of our love, our person, and our time, without recognizing our value.

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