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We shouldn't get upset with ourselves…
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We shouldn't get upset with ourselves for being nice to people who don't deserve it: it's a common occurrence


It can happen to feel frustrated, angry with ourselves, and disappointed by others for giving too much of ourselves to those who do not deserve it at all.

It is normal to experience these states of mind, it is part of human nature, but it is also good to remember that all the things we do, even those that mark us deep down, help us to grow and mature.

We must try to accept situations for what they are, that there is nothing wrong with us and that we have acted according to our natural inclination.

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There is nothing wrong with being good and generous people and we must never regret behaving in this way with others, even when we do not receive the same treatment.

What we are is what distinguishes us from egotistic and individualistic people; let us not be overwhelmed by rancor and anger, which can only exacerbate our sensitive soul.

It is normal to feel like this when you find yourself having to face unpleasant situations, but the important thing is not to let ourselves be too negatively influenced.

image: pexels.com

When you are emotionally involved with someone, it is difficult to understand if they are taking advantage of us or if it is a person who truly deserves all of our goodness and generosity. 

If we realize that this person is close to us only for their convenience, it is important to remain calm and not to be psychologically conditioned. In fact, a loyal and sincere person will not abandon us just because we are not able to satisfy their requests. 

We should not blame ourselves if this person decides to disappear from our life; as this would only confirm their total lack of interest in us. 

Being good and kind is something that makes our soul noble, even when good manners are employed with those who do not deserve it at all. Never regret having been too good.


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