Short personality test: The feather that attracts you the most can give you some clues about your inner power -
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Short personality test: The feather…

Short personality test: The feather that attracts you the most can give you some clues about your inner power


Are you aware of your particular characteristic, your strength, or of that personality trait that makes you a unique person in the world?

Even the most secure person on the planet would probably not be able to answer this question that requires a knowledge of ourselves that perhaps no one has.

With this personality test, all you need to do is just choose one of these five feathers, based on your personal taste and intuition, to find out what your inner power is ...

Take a good look at this image and choose from among these feathers the one that inspires you the most!

1. Intuition. This is your inner power! You are a person with strong intuitions and often you let yourself be guided by them, and rarely are you wrong. In certain situations, however, you are still of the idea that the head can prevail over your spirit and for this reason sometimes end up ignoring what your intuition suggests. The best thing you can do is trust your intuition more and less what others tell you. 
2. Generosity. Your strength, on the other hand, is generosity. You are open and available to others and you have no problem showing a love that is sincere and disinterested to all those around you. Even if this personality trait is absolutely normal for you, remember that it is not for many people! Living peacefully and not being attached to material things are your great virtues
3. Empathy. Your "power" is empathy! You can understand what people are feeling and you are distressed by the problems of others, injustices, and evil. You believe that inequality is the worst evil in the world and try to do anything in your power to hope for a better world! 
4. Creativity. Your ability to create is your inner strength, it is not only a strong artistic talent but also to create solutions and find ways to resolve issues and problems, and to build connections where there are no points of contact. You live a life that is free of prejudices, in the name of liberty, and independence that can sometimes be contagious for the people you are around you. 
5. Resilience. Finally, if you have chosen this feather, it means that you are a particularly resilient person, that is to say, you can draw positive lessons even from the most difficult situations. This personality trait is just as important for your own personal growth as it is for helping the people around you. In fact, you are a source of inspiration and you are able to guide your friends through difficulties by also finding usefulness in everything that might seem to be wrong. 


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