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7 rules from everyday life that can…
This message is for you, the one who always worries about others and never about yourself Do not beg for anyone's attention, let alone their love!

7 rules from everyday life that can help you be a happier person

December 30, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

If you think that the pursuit of happiness - of which poets, directors, and musicians of all epochs have spoken - is an impossible mission, behavioral science seems to prove you wrong.

In fact, it is true that we cannot eliminate the unforeseen events and worries that life has in reserve for us, but we can best prepare ourselves to face them by focusing on our psycho-physical equilibrium. 

Too often we establish behavior patterns that seem to be contrary to the basic rules of well-being. We continue to stay in toxic relationships, we create huge problems over trivial matters, or we simply take too little care of our body, through bad eating habits or not getting enough rest.

We have therefore summarized 7 golden rules that many experts believe to be the basic factors of happiness.

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  • 1. Work, but calmly. Work is not just the way we earn a living, but it is also one of the main activities that make up our lives. For this reason, it should stimulate and develop our capabilities to the maximum. And if we are not lucky enough to have a dynamic and creative job, we must at least learn how to wisely dose employment and rest, not letting work commitments totally overwhelm our daily life. 
  • 2. Get enough sleep. Experts repeat strenuously that sleeping enough and well gives tangible benefits in everyday life, both in terms of productivity and in terms of mood. 
  • 3. Do regular physical exercise. Physical activity, especially when done outdoors, is beneficial from every point of view. It is not only the cardio-circulatory system or the muscular system that profits but also our mental equilibrium. All research links the level of happiness with the performance of some physical exercise or sport.
  • 4. Cultivate at least five friendships. A human being is a sociable creature, so cultivating relationships gives a sense of fulfillment. Research suggests that an average of five good friendships is optimal for achieving happiness. 
  • 5. Try to spend time outdoors. Spending time in the open air is good for the spirit and the body. Many research studies point out that this beneficial effect is particularly noticeable if you walk in the countryside or by the sea, in any season. 
  • 6. Planning leisure time. Research conducted by psychologist Dan Gilbert found that not only do people feel happy enjoying moments of leisure, but they feel happy while they are organizing and planning their leisure activities. So organizing parties, dinners or trips is beneficial from every point of view. 
  • 7. Meditate and showing gratitude. Many scientific studies have shown that meditating lowers stress levels and increases self-awareness, but we also understand that there may be people less predisposed to this practice. More generally, therefore, the advice is to be thankful. We often focus too much on what we do not have, forgetting the goals that we have already achieved. To stop from time to time to be pleased about our successes and enjoy what we have is a great source of happiness ... try it!

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