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Which face is happier? This test will…
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Which face is happier? This test will tell you something about your personality!


According to some theoriesone hemisphere of the brain is dominant over the other half.

This leads to different ways of thinking and personality traits in each individual.

For example, a person with a dominant left hemisphere is more logical, analytical, and objective; while another person with a dominant right hemisphere is more intuitive, thoughtful, and subjective.

Today, we offer a fun test to discover your dominant hemisphere, in case such a thing does exist! In addition, you might just find out about a side of your personality that you were not aware of.

 Look closely at this picture. Which of the two sides seems to be happier?

  • Option A: If you have chosen the first of the two sides, then the left hemisphere prevails on the right. The left part of the brain is dedicated to logic, language, and analytical thinking, you are people who like to think before you act and you are objectivelogical, and analytical. You always study the pros and cons before doing anything because you never want to find yourself unprepared. You follow the rules at all costs and you like to work in the correct way without ever leaving a job unfinished because that is not the way you do things! People recognize your intelligence and seem to admire and respect your way of being.  
  • Option B: If this other side seems happier to you, then it is the right hemisphere then prevails over the left. This part of the brain is more suitable for those tasks which include creativity and expressiveness. You are intuitive, perceptive and reflective people, what drives you is your heart even though you also love to reflect and think about the experiences that you have lived. This is a very positive thing because it means that you live each experience as a form of learning. You cannot hide your emotions due to your natural expressiveness. In fact, those around you will notice if you are frustrated, happy or upset for some reason! You love being with friends that you have chosen and are able to know at a glance who has good intentions.  

What do you think of this personality test? Do you see yourself reflected in one of the two descriptions? Please let us know in the comments!


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