A woman adopts a tiny sick kitten and…
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A woman adopts a tiny sick kitten and after a year it has become a beautiful lovable fluffy ball of fur

November 22, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Three years ago, Justina Strumilaite adopted a very young Persian cat, saving its life.

The kitten, a male, was born with only two toes on its right front paw and was the smallest and weakest of its litter.

The woman immediately fell in love with the little kitten and took care of him from the first moment. She called him Brownie because of the color of his fur, and today he is almost unrecognizable. 

Theirs is another beautiful story about a friendship between a human and an animal!

The first time Justina brought her little kitten Brownie home in a shoe box, everyone believed that her intention to save him would be an attempt made in vain and that the kitten would only survive a few weeks.

The woman, however, did not give up and continued to take care of him, feeding him, and doing everything she could with the hope that Brownie would make it.


 And that is exactly what happend!

Thanks to Justina's loving attention, the little brown Persian kitten made it, his health improved and today, Brownie has become a cat that is almost unrecognizable! He has grown up and is now an adult cat with a thick and glossy coat! In addition, he is full of energy, despite some small problems with his paw on his right front leg.

image: Justina Strumilaite/Facebook

Their story teaches us that, although sometimes nature can be cruel to weaker or sick animals, there is always hope. And that they can meet someone, a human or another animal, who with their love is able to transform what was once a weakness into a strength.

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