Do you find it hard to fall asleep? Here is the method that Marines use to fall asleep in two minutes in any situation -
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Do you find it hard to fall asleep?…
Why do grandparents often confuse the names of their children and grandchildren? There is an explanation ... and it's beautiful While taking photos of their newborn baby near a forest ... a deer approaches them and something magical happens!

Do you find it hard to fall asleep? Here is the method that Marines use to fall asleep in two minutes in any situation


Not everyone can fall asleep quickly and sometimes it takes very little keep to us awake at night. Such as the light on an electronic device, the ticking of a clock that is too noisy or maybe a neighbor having fun until late at night.

But have you ever wondered how the Marines fall asleep each night despite having little or no creature comforts? Sleep is very important for soldiers and for this reason they must take every opportunity to rest and sleep.

The secret is an infallible method that helps them fall asleep in just two minutes ...

The life of a Marine is tough, they spend a lot of time away from home, they sleep out-of-doors or if they are really lucky, in a tent.

Every occasion must, therefore, be exploited to the maximum in order to get some rest and they cannot take the risk of not being able to close an eye during those few designated hours.

For this reason, all soldiers, know a technique that helps them to fall asleep in a very short amount of time and in any place! We could define this as an alternative method to the classic "counting sheep", but what exactly does this method consist of?

This technique, although studied and created for the military, also works for 96% of civilians who in theory have never done any kind of training. This means that it could also work for you!

To start you must relax the facial muscles, those of the mouth, the tongue and around the eyes. Next move on to your shoulders that also must be relaxed and then just let your body completely abandon itself on a support surface. While exhaling, try to mentally visualize releasing from your body all the anxiety and tension that prevent you from sleeping.

Once you are lying down and completely relaxed, then the part linked to the mind begins. Now, you must think of something relaxing like a landscape, a lake or anything else that makes you relax just by thinking about it! Slowly and unhurriedly, move your eyes over this imaginary place noticing the details that are different every time.

This is the method used by Marines to fall asleep anywhere and in any situation in just two minutes! Obviously, we are more fortunate than they are and we have many other methods to reconcile sleep but this can still be a valid alternative.

Soldiers usually take about a month of training to get the most out of this technique, so if the first few times this does not work, do not give up --- just keep trying!


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