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Which of these alchemical symbols attracts…
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Which of these alchemical symbols attracts you the most? The answer will reveal what challenge you are experiencing right now!

November 01, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Until the eighteenth century, alchemists were considered to be very knowledgeable about magic, mysticism, and the esoteric.

Their studies derive from the combination of several scientific disciplines, which for us today have been consolidated,  such as chemistry, physics, medicine, and even metallurgy, with astrology. The main task of the alchemists was to lead humans to absolute perfection, toward God.

For this reason, alchemical research tried to transform lead, which symbolizes negativity, into gold, its opposite and which also represents perfection.

Furthermore, these masters of esotericism classified human spirituality into seven levels, each corresponding to a specific planet and metal. This cataloging always has the function of leading humans upward to a higher level of consciousness. 

Among these seven symbols, which is the closest to who you are and what you need to do?

image: Simona Ichariba
  • 1. Silver, the path to healing: If you have chosen the first symbol, then it means that you have embarked on the path of intuition and healing. You must have more confidence in your intuition, which will guide you well on your life path. The latter, perhaps, has often allowed you to come in contact with illness, both physical and mental. It is for this reason that you are predisposed to become a good healer, but to be so you will first have to work on yourself. 
  • 2. Lead, the path to transformation: If you have opted for the second symbol, know that you have chosen the most difficult one, that of lead. Probably, you have suffered a lot in your life and this suffering has heavily influenced you. You have to let go of the pain and transform it into something else. 
  • 3. Tin (aluminum), the sage's path: This is the path of experience and wisdom. You come across as an ambitious person, who is thirsty for knowledge and who likes to learn about life through experience. You always feed your hunger for knowledge.
  • 4. Mercury, the path of travelers: This is the path of mystery. If you have chosen this symbol, it means that your curiosity always leads you to seek the truth. This research, however, leads you to places that you cannot actually reach, so you get bored easily with this world and constantly seek something else that stimulates you. Perhaps, you should learn to know more about what you have around so that you are able to appreciate it more. 
  • 5. Iron, the path of warriors: This metal symbolizes growth, struggle, lust, and ambition. You have always been a fighter in your life and through painful experiences, you have developed a dominant and protective personality. You must learn to open up more with others and relax. 
  • 6. Gold, the path of perfection: In order to achieve perfection, you must try to make your life wonderful, also by learning to forgive others. 
  • 7. Copper, the path of charismatics: Copper is associated with beauty, youth, and artistic creativity. Your path leads you to seek balance and beauty in every human being. But this world is full of flaws and you have to learn to accept everyone, including yourself.
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