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Do you find it hard to fall asleep? Here is the method that Marines use to fall asleep in two minutes in any situation

Not everyone can fall asleep quickly and sometimes it takes very little keep to us awake at night. Such as the light on an electronic device, the ticking of a clock that is too noisy or maybe a neighbor…

A soldier returns home after nine months and it is a lovely surprise for his dog

Remember the Greek myth by Odyssey about Argo, Ulysses' dog? The faithful animal waited twenty years for the return of his owner and lived just long enough to see Ulysses return to Ithaca and greet…

US Marines during a "monkey" drill practice! “Oorah!”

When in life, you are a Marine, athletic training must be accompanied by the coordination of movements combined with split-second timing. The "choreography" for the drills is learned and practiced just…

When it comes to push ups ... this girl is definitely no pushover! :)

He might just be only a cadet, but in a push ups challenge between a boy and a girl, usually the boy would be expected to win. Well, in this case not only do things not go well for the cadet, but the…

He traveled 22 hours to meet his newborn daughter, the special moment will get you in tears

When you are away from your loved ones no video or phone can replace the affection that can be transmitted by physical contact. That's why when the soldier John Vorrath learned that his daughter was about…

This girl thinks its a normal magic trick, but she'll receive an emotional surprise

Julia and Brian Woodburn both lend service in the US Army, and have spent long months away from home. Upon return, they wanted to take advantage of this educational initiative to "appear" in fornt of…

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