A soldier returns home after nine months…
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A soldier returns home after nine months and it is a lovely surprise for his dog

September 04, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Remember the Greek myth by Odyssey about Argo, Ulysses' dog? The faithful animal waited twenty years for the return of his owner and lived just long enough to see Ulysses return to Ithaca and greet him, before dying. 

If you believe that Argo is just an ideal symbol of perfect loyalty, you are wrong because, in reality, Argo's heart beats in all the dogs all over the world. And certainly in Bear's chest.

In fact, this is a story about Bear, a wonderful Golden Retriever, that has lived a very similar and equally moving experience.

Bear is a large, beautiful dog loved by the whole Coburn family. Despite this and the fact that he, by nature, loves everyone, his heart truly beats for only one human being, his owner Kevin, who has been absent for nine months because he is a soldier on active duty overseas. 

So, Bear must be patient, while the rest of the family tries to cheer him up with cuddles and games, like the most recent one. This is a prank game that consists of a person standing behind a large blanket, shaking it a little to attract Bear's attention --- and once his attention has been captured the dog remains attentive to see what is about to happen next - and then the person suddenly lets the blanket fall to the floor as they quickly run away. For Bear, the impression is that of seeing someone practically disappear into thin air!   

The reactions of the animals who experience this prank game are always different, but in every case, it is very funny! However, what happened in Bear's case is really something special.

Bear's owner's family members organized a surprise that you can certainly appreciate. 

While Kevin's brother is intent on playing the usual prank game, here, unexpectedly, from behind the blanket appears, his one and only love ---Kevin! He's finally come back home

In the video that Kevin posted on Facebook, that has been viewed over 26 million times, you can clearly see Bear's bewilderment, as he approaches Kevin while wagging his tail, almost not believing his own eyes, and then Bear starts to jump and lick his beloved owner with growing enthusiasm and joy!


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