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14 signs that demonstrate you have had…
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14 signs that demonstrate you have had the best mom in the world


If we were to describe a moment in our life when we felt peace, harmony, and security, we would probably choose a moment spent with our mother

Few relationships in life can indeed match that deep and visceral bond that a mother has with her children. She is the shoulder to cry on, a secure source of refuge, and she is the first friend from whom we asked advice as children.

In short, our mother is irreplaceable and remains in our hearts forever. 

And to celebrate this, we have collected 14 things that make mothers unique ... and that will always secure for them a special place in our lives.

  • 1. She has always encouraged you and reminded you how much you are worth when you have been faced with the most difficult choices in life. 
  • 2. She listened to you with care and patience, whatever you wanted to tell her. 
  • 3. When you needed it, she always had your back, to protect you ... and others knew it well! 
  • 4. She prepared your lunch hundreds of times ... always trying to pamper you with your favorite foods. 
  • 5. When you had the flu, she dropped all her other commitments to take care of you with her hugs and delicious food. 
  • 6. She has made your birthdays epic with her wonderful cakes and gifts of all kinds! 
  • 7. She encouraged you to speak when you were embarrassed, also in front of adults, to overcome shyness.
  • 8. She made you smile when you felt depressed. 
  • 9. She made you grow up and mature, by talking to you about even the most difficult or most delicate things. 
  • 10. She always came to say goodnight, before going to bed, even when her eyes were almost closed from exhaustion. 
  • 11. She was passionate about your sports activities and your other interests, even if she did not understand anything. 
  • 12. She has always remained by your side, even when it seemed that everyone else had abandoned you
  • 13. She raised you with the firm belief that dreams can be realized, and that you have to fight to achieve your goals. 
  • 14. She has never forgotten to show you how much she loves you.

And you must never forget to let her know that she, for you, has been the best mother in the world!

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