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A little girl writes to her father's…
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A little girl writes to her father's boss to ask him to give her father more vacation and here is the man's response ...


Nowadays we have to adapt to work rhythms that often force us to sacrifice moments together with our family.

Especially during crucial periods for companies, overtime begins to accumulate, and we are forced to give up the holidays, vacations, and recurrences that we usually spend with our family.

For a child, these must be very difficult moments and for this reasonthe protagonist of our story has decided to act on his own by sending a letter to his father's boss.


image: Pinterest

This young girl has become the protagonist of a very tender gesture due to her desire to be with her father on his birthday. Often when you work for large companies you put your family aside to dedicate yourself full time to work, which can be frustrating for a child.

That's why Katie decided to write to the company where her father works to ask for something very special. The company in question is nothing less than Google

"Dear Google, can you please make sure that Dad has a day off from work on Wednesday, because Dad has only Saturday free, from Katie 

P.S: It's daddy's BIRTHDAY! 

P.P.S: It's summer ... you know."

image: Pinterest

The response of the American colossus was not long in coming and Daniel Shiplacoff, her father's boss, could not help but respond in this surprising way. 

"Dear Katie, thank you for your message and your request. Your father has worked hard planning many wonderful things for Google and millions of people around the world. On the occasion of his birthday, and recognizing the importance of taking some Wednesdays off during the summer, we are giving him the whole first week of July as vacation time.

Have fun!" 

Obviously, Mr. Shiplacoff could not help fulfilling the young girl's desire when confronted with such a touching request! Especially after Katie relied on some very convincing argumentation that explained the existence of more important things other than work, such as her father's birthday and summer vacation!

In fact, in the end, the young girl managed to get maximum results from the situation when her father was given not only the day of his birthday off, but also a full week of summer vacation to be with his family. 

Surely, her father was not only proud of his young daughter but also very happy with the gift received from Google. However, probably the one who was the happiest of all about this story --- was Katie!


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