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"Love your wife the way you would like…
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"Love your wife the way you would like your daughter to be loved": a mother's open letter to husbands/fathers everywhere


The relationship between father and daughter is one of the most genuine that can exist, immediately after that is the relationship between son and mother, which according to psychology is the most authentic in absolute.

Dads have an innate possessiveness towards their little ladies, especially when the little baby girl, now a young girl, is faced with heart problems for the first time. Will she find a boy who treats her properly, respecting her as a young lady, first of all? 

A woman, who is the mother of a little daughter, wrote a letter addressed to her husband and in general to all men who are the fathers of daughters. The message that transpires from the letters is clear and direct --- you have to treat your wives as you would want your own daughter to be treated.

In today's world, there are many forms of desire and most are confused with love. Therefore, how can a father be sure that his daughter knows how to recognize love that is authentic and the only one worth pursuing? 

According to the blogger and mother JthreeNMe, the most effective way to make a daughter understand what is true love is to give her a good example at home. Therefore, to make a daughter understand how a man should treat a woman, the man as a husband and father should show respect to his wife. 

The message that this woman addresses to all men is entitled "To all men with a daughter": 

The simple thought that your daughter has a boyfriend drives you crazy: I know, even if I am only his mother. 

The little angel you brought home seven years ago will probably have a "crush" within the next two years, and a boyfriend soon after. It's terrifying. 

The good news, however, is that you have the chance to show her everything that she should expect from a man. 

Relationships and marriages are difficult and this will be a lesson that your daughter will learn one day. They are challenges for everyone, even for those with a good heart and with the best intentions. 

The best thing (which is also the most difficult) that you can do for your daughter is to show her how you behave with a woman. 


Your daughter is very sensitive and unfortunately will learn what love is like from movies, TV shows, magazines, social media, and her friends. 

It is very likely that what she will learn from "outside the home" will be very far from what is actually honest and true love. 

You and only you can make certain that this does not happen.

image: pixabay.com

It all starts at home - from your wife. 

Today and every day, respect your wife. 

Take her hand at every opportunity and cover it with kisses. 

Smile at her. 

Look her in the eyes. 

When she speaks, listen to her with interest. 

Open the door for her. 

Praise her for her successful results. 

Encourage her when she needs it. 

Sympathize with her when she is looking for support. 

Have adventures together with her. 

Tell her she's beautiful, inside and out, and tell her often. 

Your daughter, in addition to loving her mother, is fascinated by her. The relationship between mother and daughter is so intricate that they often live a parallel existence. When you realize this, it will be easy for you to understand the fact that 

The relationship you have with your wife is not just about you and your wife. 

Therefore, the greatest gift - besides time and attention - that a father can give his daughter is to love her mother.

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