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Happy couples tend to get fatter than…
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Happy couples tend to get fatter than other couples --- this has been revealed in a study!

September 23, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

It is known that one of the most infallible ways to conquer someone's heart is through their stomach! If good cooking has always been a way to get someone's attention, it is also true that in general eating together is one of the typical moments to share with your loved one. 

However, if it also becomes the most favored moment, then there is a risk for the couple because, food binds, but it also makes you fat, when you eat too much.

Is there a relationship between true love and fat? These studies seem to say "Yes!". 

The University of Queensland in Australia, has conducted a study on 6,459 women aged 20-30 years, married or engaged in a serious relationship and it emerged that they had gained between 8 to 11 pounds (4-5 kilos) on average

This propensity to "get fat" has been registered - and rightly so - also among men. The Southern Methodist University of Dallas followed 169 couples for more than four years, obtaining the same results. On the other hand, the University of New York had also noted that there was no difference between men and women in a relationship in regards to weight gain. 

Consequently, it seems that people engaged in a satisfactory and serious love relationship are inclined to put on weight with the common denominator, therefore, being that they have a very good relationship.

In essence, happy couples show weight gain over the years, unlike those that show signs of incompatibility and other major problems.

The explanation appears to be very simple! Happy couples love spending time together in a relaxing way, even just being alone together, in the intimacy of their home, enjoying a movie or talking at length during meals, rather than indulging in solitary physical activities. Therefore, these more passive habits lead to a greater consumption of food. Then, there are also the classic "gluttonous" gifts, such as chocolates, candy, cakes, pies, etc - to celebrate special occasions.

Sharing weight gain, in pairs, would, therefore, be a good sign - but it should not be used as a justification for neglecting indispensable physical activity. After all, a sport practiced together also unites a couple and further corroborates their love for each other!  :)

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