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6 easy yoga exercises to get rid of…
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6 easy yoga exercises to get rid of back pain and sciatic nerve pain

August 17, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Back pain, that is, the pain that we usually perceive in the lumbar area (lower back), above the buttocks, is a very common disorder that mostly affects elderly people but can make its unpleasant appearance even much earlier. 

Usuallyyou feel a tension in the lower back, but if this is accompanied by an irradiation towards the thigh, the leg or the foot, then the nerves are also involved, and in particular the sciatic nerve. 

Of course, a doctor can identify specific risk factors, such as obesity, posture or psychological problems, but if it is not a chronic situation you can obtain great benefits from stretching. 

In a few minutes of yoga exerciseyou can stretch out that part of the body affected and limit or cancel the onset of back and sciatic nerve pain. Here are six recommended yoga exercises.

NB: These exercises do not replace the consultation of a doctor, and must be performed without forcing your limits. In fact, the exercises are still effective even if the positions described in the images are not completely achieved!

  • 1: CAMEL POSE. Start by kneeling on the ground. Put your palms on your heels and slowly relax your legs, bringing your hips forward. Do not force the position, just come up to where you feel comfortable.
  • 2: FORWARD FOLD POSE. Sit on the ground and spread your legs apart until you feel comfortable, knees stretched out. Slowly bring your torso forward, without bending your neck, to where you can reach. Do not bounce up and down.

3: FROG POSE. Position yourself on all fours, trying to spread your knees to the maximum while maintaining your heels joined. Now press forward with your hips, trying to slowly bring your head and chest to the floor. 

4: SIDE BENDING POSE. Start in a standing position, spread your legs while keeping the feet facing forward. Begin to slowly bend one knee while keeping the foot facing forward, and at the same time rotate the other leg so as to turn the other foot upward towards the ceiling.


5: BUTTERFLY POSE. One of the simplest poses, which is usually taught at school, but also among the most effective. Sit on the ground, join the soles of your feet and spread your knees. Relax your legs and back and, if necessary, press gently with your hands to further stretch and extend your knees. 

6: ARM AND WRIST STRETCHING. A very useful technique if you are used to lifting weights frequently. Stretch your arm forward with your palm facing down and bend your wrist. With the other arm, grab your hand and bend it further towards you. You will feel the forearm stretch considerably.

Try these easy yoga exercises and you will immediately notice the difference!

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