A doctor advises us what to say if we think our doctor is rushing our consultation

Alison Forde

May 19, 2021

A doctor advises us what to say if we think our doctor is rushing our consultation

Everyone has had, at least once, to go to the doctor's office to be examined, to receive advice, to be prescribed new drugs and so on. Although everyone hopes for a very long and disease-free life, it's practically impossible not to get sick at least once or to need a consultation and a specialist visit with an expert. It's part of the game of life, and for this very reason most patients need to be reassured and not treated like a number of a very long line of clients to be seen.

via Suneel Dhand


Suneel Dhand/YouTube

On the other hand, it's not really a novelty to have to deal with doctors and specialists who, despite always acting with extraordinary professionalism, seem as if at times they don't want to spend too long with each patient and that the diagnosis appears given after a hasty and not particularly thorough consultation. Have you ever had the feeling that you're going to the doctor for a private visit and that you feel you've been treated with too much superficiality and too little consideration? If so, you are by no means the only ones who don't know how to point this out to your doctor without offending his professional sensibilities or without making out that you're "sicker" than other patients; in the end, it's everyone's right to receive a prompt and correct diagnosis and effective therapy.

Dr. Suneel Dhand has published a short but very clear video in which he explains to patients and clients from all over the world how to act and above all what to say to the doctor if you feel treated too superficially or if you have the feeling that the visit was too short...

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Dr Dhand uses very simple and effective words: "Everyone has a history of doctors walking in and out of the room in a couple of minutes and leaving no time for important questions. After all, we're not talking about trying on a new coat size in a department store, our conversations with patients are about their health and well-being, so I will give some advice to any patient who thinks their doctor is in too much of a hurry. Calmly tell him: 'Doctor, it looks like you are in a hurry today!'

It sounds like a very simple thing to say, but I can confidently tell you that most doctors would not like to hear this from their patients. As doctors, we are naturally conscientious professionals who always (at least most of us) want to do a good job and look our best. In other words, most doctors won't want their patients to perceive them as being rushed. As a result, I can pretty much guarantee that most doctors, upon hearing this, will consciously slow down and spend a few more minutes with you! In this circumstance, you as a patient want more time than the doctor, and the doctor is finally able to give you that time.

This is my advice for any patient who feels that a medical visit is over too quickly and superficially next time. Just be courteous and respectful and tell him calmly, 'Doctor, you seem to be in a hurry today!'"

Few words but quite clear, don't you think?