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22 exhilarating images that demonstrate…
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22 exhilarating images that demonstrate the wonderful impact of disinterested acts of kindness


That love is the most powerful weapon that living beings are endowed with by nature is not difficult to understand. Just think of the strong emotions that arise in each of us at just the sight of simple images showing a kind gesture, a good action - or the opposite. 

On the other hand, all religions teach that compassion is the greatest act that one can experience and demonstrate, whether it is directed towards another human being or an animal.

The following photos will show you that nothing fills and warms the heart more than a disinterested act of kindness and love.

1. Just see how much tenderness there is in the embrace of this man as his puppy sleeps protected and cuddled in his arms.

2. After 60 years of marriage, their love continues to be strong enough to overcome even dementia and a stroke!


3. This Saudi man is teaching his wife how to drive after Saudi Arabia has finally eliminated the ban on women driving.

4. This man comforts a gorilla after the loss of its mother that was killed by poachers.

5. This couple offers a hug and a holiday dessert to those who will spend Christmas Eve alone. They display the true spirit of Christmas and the holiday season with this simple and all-embracing gesture.


6. She tells her daughter that she does not have much money and, when she wakes up, she finds a surprise that warms her heart! Her daughter has written her a note explaining that she wants to offer her mother all her savings!

7. His elderly father had followed 7 World Cup Championships (soccer) before he passed away in 2015. Now, he as his father's son, carries on his father's passion.


8. This man was unemployed and homeless and was handing out his resume on the street! Someone posted this photo of him and his resume on the Internet. Thanks to the help of a stranger, this man has received offers from Google, Apple, and many other companies.

9. The goalkeeper of the Partizan Belgrade soccer team comforts his teammate who had been humiliated by racist insults throughout the game.


10. This young man is looking for a veterinarian for a wounded sparrow that he has just found in the street.

11. Share joy and happiness, not just pain and sorrow! This woman rejoices at having successfully completed her chemotherapy sessions!

12. This homeless man has been reading the same book for as long as he can remember --- and now a passer-by gives him their Kindle reader which holds hundreds of books!

13. This young lady loves giraffes, and on one of their first dates, her boyfriend takes her to a zoo for her first personal encounter with one. Now she and her boyfriend are married!

14. Every time he goes to the gym this gentleman helps the clerk with his studies.

15. A proud but nervous police dog puppy on his first day of work!

16 A father dies and donates his heart and 10 years later the man who received his heart accompanies the donor's daughter to the altar!

17. This elderly man gives tennis balls to the dogs at an animal shelter because it warms his heart to see the dogs happy and playing!

18. This gentleman lost almost 300 lb (136 kg) in two years! He took this photo with his nutritionist to thank her - and of course, she is also very enthusiastic about his success!

19. This elderly man was afraid to take the escalator and a young man volunteered to help him.

20. Joy and happiness are choices that we make, whether they are given or achieved!

21. In 1998, this firefighter rescued a little girl from a devastating fire and in 2016, he attended her college graduation ceremony!

22. After losing the 2018 World Cup, the Japanese soccer team cleaned and tidied up their locker room and left a thank you note written in Russian!

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