A 15-month-old child is ill with leukemia and his father dances for him and manages to give him moments of pure joy! - WTVideo.com
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A 15-month-old child is ill with leukemia…
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A 15-month-old child is ill with leukemia and his father dances for him and manages to give him moments of pure joy!


What pain is greater than that which parents can experience when they learn that their child is seriously ill? 

Kristian, who is only 15 months old, has proved to be stronger than many adults! In fact, it is thanks to his desire to live that his parents have decided to not throw in the towel and to face this tough challenge that life has imposed on them.

Their story is the same as many other families who are fighting against an illness and who hope to be able to resume a normal family life as soon as possible.

Kristian, who is 15 months old, has leukemia. His parents found out only recently and together they have all started fighting this disease.

Un post condiviso da Kenny Clutch (@kennyclutch_) in data:

Un post condiviso da Kenny Clutch (@kennyclutch_) in data:

Kristian's parents, especially his father Kenneth Thomas, document their battle against leukemia on Instagram, posting photos and videos of moments of both joy and sorrow. This is their way to stay positive and to find comfort in the people who are praying that this unfortunate story ends well and soon.

In this photo, while Kristian is sleeping blissfully, his father is vowing to never abandon his little son during this courageous journey.


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Kenneth is a dad who loves dancing and music and he has also passed this passion on to his son. The day that the doctors told the couple that Kristian could go home in a few days - he had been hospitalized since the day of the diagnosis - was a day of immense joy. In fact, Kenneth could not contain the happiness of the moment and he let himself go in a wild victory dance.

As if to imitate his father, Kristian also moves to the rhythm of the music.

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Certainly, Kristian is a child who has already experienced pain and suffering, but who still does not miss a chance to spend a few moments of pure happiness dancing together with his father.

Here's what we have to learn from children --- to smile, which always gives us the strength and the positivity to face the challenges of life! 

We wish all the best in the world to little Kristian and we expect to soon see him dancing around outside the hospital!


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