The grandparents who take care of their grandchildren live longer and a study confirms it! -
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The grandparents who take care of their…
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The grandparents who take care of their grandchildren live longer and a study confirms it!


What is the event that can make a 60-year-old man feel suddenly rejuvenated? Obviously, the arrival of a grandchild!

All of us have seen what changes the arrival of a newborn baby can bring about in the life of an elderly person, who suddenly finds himself in the role of a grandfather.

If before they spent hours on the couch in front of the TV, when they have a grandchild they have to get down on the floor, play hide and seek, and other games as well.

These are all activities that in addition to being good for the child, are also very good for a grandfather, who is thereby forced to reactivate his mind and body. 

Therefore, being a grandparent is good for maintaining a positive attitude! In addition, a recent study has also discovered something else --- being a grandparent helps you live longer!

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Ronan Factora, a specialist in geriatric diseases, has stressed that the presence of a child in the life of an elderly person helps him or her to reduce the stress levels resulting from a sedentary life - both mental and physical - and this leads to a general improvement in health. 

Analyzing data collected over 20 years from over 500 people over the age of 70, it was noted that those who cared for their grandchildren lived 37% longer than those who did not. 

Going to the park, cooking, inventing games to pass the time and - and do not underestimate it - even simply smiling, are all activities that are good for your health and help you stay young. 

And for those who do not have any grandchildren, do not worry! Included in the study were also the elderly who looked after children in general, not necessarily their own descendants, but also the children of neighbors or friends who needed someone to mind them.

 In short, grandparents, now you have one more reason to take care of the little ones --- they make you live better and longer!

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