Is Sleeping With A Fan On Bad For Your Health? Here Is The Opinion Of The Experts ... -
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Is Sleeping With A Fan On Bad For Your…
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Is Sleeping With A Fan On Bad For Your Health? Here Is The Opinion Of The Experts ...


Every summer there is the problem of unbearable heat, which in the hottest periods can compromise our sleep at night and consequently, our productivity during the day.

Although many have opted in recent years for the installation of an air conditioner, there are those who, for ecological reasons or to avoid high electric bills, have decided to rely on the dear old electrical fan or ceiling fans.

But what are the advantages and risks deriving from the use of electric fans?

A fan does nothing but circulate the air inside an environment that, without a fan, would be characterized by stagnant air. The result is that, especially during the night hours, the passage of air on the body allows the skin to better disperse heat and thus survive the hottest nights. In general, therefore, experts believe that an electric fan is actually a valid and economical alternative to an air conditioner. As with everything, however, it is necessary to know the contraindications. 

In fact, using an electric fan as a cooling system may not be suitable for people suffering from dry throat and eyes. This is because air recirculation removes humidity from the air and some people find that they wake up with a feeling of dryness in the throat that is similar to a real sore throat. Utilizing artificial tears and leaving a glass of water to drink on the bedside table are habits that can solve this problem. 

If moreover, you suffer from heavy sweating, an electric fan can be damaging to your muscles! In fact, a direct jet of air on your sweaty back can compromise muscular mobility for an entire day. In this case, you have to understand how to position an electric fan, as you will learn about here below. 

Finally, pay attention to allergies! As a matter of fact, if a room is not perfectly clean (or in case, for example, if you have pets), the fan will do nothing but lift the dust from the most hidden corners and make it fly around only to end up in your respiratory tract! So make sure you sleep in a clean environment and also remember to clean the fan blades.

Some precautions to take:

First of all, never direct the jet of air directly towards your body, but place it far away and maybe rotate it to accentuate the air recirculation. Also, avoid keeping it on all night because as the night hours progress, the temperature tends to drop, and the effect of "freshness" could turn into "cold" in the early hours of the morning. In this case, buy an electric fan with a timer, or buy an aquarium timer (there are some very economical ones) that will allow you to turn off the fan late at night. 

These are just a few tips to ensure that an object like an electrical fan, that is quite economical, can become a great ally for a well-deserved good night's sleep! 😴

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