A little boy asks to hold his newborn…
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A little boy asks to hold his newborn sister in his arms as he tenderly sings her a song

August 10, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Brothers and sisters represent important presences in our life, because, willy-nilly, they influence the kind of person we become.

If having a brother is automatic when mum and dad are expecting another child, the type of relationship that will be created between the siblings is not guaranteed at all.

In fact, the relationship depends totally on the state of mind and the commitment that each of the parties has --- exactly like in any relationship.

Sometimes, however, it is love at first sight! In those cases, it is immediately evident that neither one will be able to do without the other. As in the story, we are about to tell you.

image: youtube

A few days had passed since Mom and Dad had come with a new little member, a wonderful baby girl

And even if their hearts are bursting with joy, they are also worried about how their first child will react. As parents, they are in fact afraid that, as often happens in some cases, the older child may feel sidelined by the greater attention that a newborn baby naturally needs. 

Fortunately, these anxieties were short lived. 

In fact, after only a few days, their little boy asked to hold his little sister in his arms. He held her carefully and very gently caressed her, while softly singing to her a very moving song.

image: youtube

The song, itself also played a part in stirring the emotions of his parents. In fact, the song was "You are so beautiful", one of the most famous songs in music history - and also one of the most moving songs. The song was written by Billy Preston and Bruce Fisher in honor of Preston's mother, who had always been very close to him. Later, Joe Cocker released a slower version of it --- the one that was the most successful. 

Although not equipped with the same singing ability as the great performers, the little boy proves to have love in abundance in his heart when he sings with due passion this genuine and intense song. And from the enchanted look of his little sister, who smiles happily at her brother, it seems that the little boy has taken a fundamental first step in the right direction in creating a solid bond with his sister. 

Watching the video, wouldn't you say the same thing, too?


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