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14 crossbred dogs that are the cutest…
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14 crossbred dogs that are the cutest puppy dogs you will see today!

August 03, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Whoever really loves dogs does not distinguish between the different breeds. Of course, through selectionyou can choose dogs of a certain temperament (for example, Labradors and Boxers are the best dogs to be in contact with children).

Just like for humans, however, even for our four-legged friends, it happens that the most beautiful specimens are born when two breeds are crossbred. 

Look at these crossbred puppies born from cross-breeding two different dog breeds --- and try to say that they are not spectacular!

Husky + Pit Bull

 German Shepherd + Golden Retriever


Mestizo + Chihuahua

Corgi + German Shepherd

Mestizo + Bull Terrier


German Shepherd + American Staffordshire Terrier

German Shepherd + Mestizo


 Border Collie + Samoyedo

Un post condiviso da Mckinley (@mckinleybeardog) in data:

Rottweiler + Labrador

Un post condiviso da Harper (@harper_the_mutt) in data:


 Corgi + Labrador

Chow chow + Husky

Un post condiviso da Kodi (@mee_kodi) in data:

 Pomeranian + Husky

Shar Pei + Bulldog

Un post condiviso da DALLAS (@dallasthewalpig) in data:

Mestizo + Pit Bull

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