Two police officers buy shoes for a child after seeing him walking with dirty socks -
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Two police officers buy shoes for a…
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Two police officers buy shoes for a child after seeing him walking with dirty socks


We often pretend not to see because we are in a hurry or simply because we do not want to act or get involved.

Other times, however, we may happen not to notice what is going on around us, because we are too busy with what we are doing.

This story speaks precisely about the powers of observation of two police officers, who thanks to their intervention made a little boy's day a happy and memorable one!

A nice Sunday night story. It comes from the Tukwila Police Department in Washington. This little boy didn’t have any...

Pubblicato da Frank Somerville KTVU su Domenica 15 luglio 2018

It is undeniable that one of the main skills that a policeman must have is the ability to observe. Whether it be to observe infractions of the law, events that are more or less pleasant, and also things that one would never want to see. What happened to these two policemen from the Tukwila department, near Seattle, is something touching that shows us how a small gesture can sometimes make someone's life better. 

The two policemen were on duty near a park when they noticed a child walking around wearing only a pair of dirty socks. When asked about where his shoes were, the child answered by saying how he only had one pair and how they were now too small for him. A fact that directly touched the two officers' hearts, who in addition to thinking about the little boy's safety were also worried about the risk of further injury because of the cuts he already had on the soles of his feet.

Immediately they cleaned and medicated the little boy's feet with their regulation first aid kit, then one of them left and soon returned with a new pair of shoes and some popsicles. The policemen, after helping the boy put on his new pair of shoes, enjoyed together with the little boy, the popsicles that had just been purchased, a gesture that made the little boy's day even better!

These gestures certainly did not cost millions of dollars, but they made life and the day of a needy child much better. However, the behavior that really showed the humanity and spontaneous kindness of these policemen was not only having bought the little boy a new pair of shoes, but rather the purchase of the popsicles that provided the perfect happy ending for a heartwarming story like this.

As these two metropolitan police heroes have shown us, we do not need to perform great deeds or much less expensive ones, it is the little things and the capacity for observation that make our lives and that of others better.


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