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25 photos to prove that Boxers are the…
20 design horrors so absurd that it is hard to believe that they were actually realized ... 9 photos of couples who demonstrate that everlasting love exists ... and it's the best thing that can happen!

25 photos to prove that Boxers are the nicest and funniest dogs ever!


Gentle, child-friendly, playful and a bit clumsy --- Boxer dogs are all that and much more!

Whoever has a Boxer dog knows that sometimes their energy is a little difficult to keep in check, but the close bond that is formed with the members of the family, plus the fact that Boxer dogs rarely exhibit any traits of aggressiveness, and their excellent ability to function as guard dogs make them one of the most popular breeds for families with children. 

To this, we add the fact that Boxer dogs have a wonderful temperament and individual personalities that are rather unique!

Give it a try! And see if you can do this ...

image: Reddit

Once puppies, puppies forever.

image: Reddit/sgemma

She likes to stay in the swimming pool ... like this!

Tell me who it is that is bothering you and I will take care of it ...

image: Reddit

When we leave the park and he doesn't want to go yet ...


When the Boxer dog who lives next door comes to pay a visit to my Boxer ...

Which gate?

image: Reddit

Boxers enjoy life ... And apparently, the sun too! 🌞

Did you know that when it comes to sofas, Boxer dogs RULE!


When traveling by car Boxer dogs do some wacky things ...

It certainly looks like they are making those faces on purpose!

My father and his Boxer making their first selfie. What else can I say?

Caught in the act! Both of you!

image: Reddit

 Here's one of their unsuspected skills!

Certain habits should be kept, at least as a matter of convenience!

Small episodes of jealousy ... sometimes it happens!

image: Reddit

A curious pastime ...

image: Reddit/Senyin

The first glimpses of what will surely be a great friendship!

Some like to be pampered as if they were still puppies.

image: Reddit/umpaa

Also to remind you just how sweet they were at the time!

Remember the weird positions in the car? Here's more proof!

image: Reddit

Their owner wanted to capture a moment of sweet friendship but something went wrong!

We repeat --- Boxer dogs LOVE to cuddle!

Boxers will not always feel up to the tasks entrusted to them.

But when it comes to making serious matters, they don't disappoint expectations!

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