This cat with a human face is the strangest thing you will see today and her photos have been seen around the world -
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This cat with a human face is the strangest…
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This cat with a human face is the strangest thing you will see today and her photos have been seen around the world

July 18, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Legend has it that they were born from a cross between a raccoon and a cat hence the Maine Coon's great love for water.

This cat breed is perhaps the largest in the world. In fact, Maine Cook cats are native to North America and males can weigh up to 33 lb (15 kg).

Maine Coons are distinguished by their thick silky fur, of various colors, especially on the long tail, and for its large eyes and wide and pointed ears.

However, for some time now this breed has become more and more popular, not so much for its characteristics, but rather due to one its specimens, namely, Valkyrie, the cat with a human face.

Valkyrie is only a kitten that is a couple of months old, yet she is already very famous on social media. Her human mother, Tatiana Rastorgueva, has, in fact, shared a video and some pictures of this particular kitten on her Instagram page, which immediately caught the attention and love of a large number of people. 

The reason is obvious at first glance because the kitten has a face that looks really, incredibly human. Look at it in the picture. Does it not seem that at any moment, Valkyrie could start speaking?

In every position, her face recalls that of a human being!


It is not clear what makes this cat's face so similar to us humans. Maybe, it is the facial bone structure or the shape of her eyes, which despite her very young age, appear infused with some kind of atavistic wisdom?! Or perhaps the legend is true, that says that Maine Coons originate from Queen Marie Antoinette's royal Angora cats, that she saved by putting them on a ship bound for America, before going to meet her tragic destiny? 

The question seems to have to remain unanswered. What is certain is that Valkyrie seems to have inherited from the Angora cats the long, beautiful, and soft coat typical of the Maine Coons, but also the wild character of the lynxes of North America - where she has never been because Valkyrie lives in Russia, together with her lady owner.

Whatever the mystery that surrounds the origins of her breed, Valkyrie shares their beautiful character that is docile and cuddly, very sociable. She also likes to sharpen her nails on her cat scratching post --- maybe while waiting for the moment when she is able to run off and live in the forests of her country that are more suitable for the large size that she will soon reach!

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