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A young soldier dies during the Iraq…
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A young soldier dies during the Iraq war: his parents decide to adopt the puppy dog he had saved


There are moments in everyone's life that seem to want to tell us about a spiritual reality, parallel to ours, and from which we can draw the strength and courage we need to face earthly difficulties.

In addition, the more we suffer, the more the veil that separates the two realities gets thinner, and sometimes it lifts, to give us a miraculous relief.

This is what happened to the couple, Skip and Rhonda Rollins and Brittney Murray, the fiancèe of their son Justin Rollins, who died in combat in Iraq, but who is still with them thanks to their dog Hero.

The city of Newton in New Hampshire (USA). It is 2006 when young soldier Justin Rollins leaves his Mom Rhonda, dad Skip, and his girlfriend Brittney to go to fight Al-Qaeda in Iraq. He did not know that he would find himself in Samarra, in one of the epicenters of that theater of war, and that from there he would never return. One sad day in March 2007, in fact, two army officers knocked on the door of the Rollins' house, bringing bad news, namely, that their dear son Justin had lost his life in combat.

His family is overcome with grief and despair, and so was Brittney, who had only talked to him the day before, when Justin told her that he had taken some "really great photos".  The following day, Brittan received those same photos by mail, and in them she saw the great love of her life, holding in his arms one of the eight puppies that he and some other soldiers had saved during a mission.  

For Rhonda, it was a sign, a message to not be sad and depressed, and she saw in the image of that puppy a mission to be accomplished; and on the day of Justin's funeral, she decided: "I want one of the puppies that Justin held in his arms, the night before he was killed."

That's how what the local media would come to call "Operation Hero" got started! The project was to search for and adopt one of the puppy dogs that Justin had saved and that his parents had decided would be called "Hero". The search was difficult, but thanks to the former comrades of Justin, it was finally met with success. In fact, one of the puppies was found and transported to his new home, with his new owners, for whom he was an indissoluble bond with their son, Justin. In fact, as the father Skip explains: "This was the last life that Justin saved, and this is the value and the love we have for this dog." 

In addition, something seems to confirm what Skip says and feels. In fact, during an ABC documentary about Hero's story, when the television crew was filming interviews with the Rollins family; something really strange happened! 

One of the cameras captured a dramatic ray of sunlight that was shining down on Hero. It was a suffused but radiant light, on an otherwise cloudy day, which seemed to be there to bring a message! According to Rhonda, the light meant that Justin is still with them, to protect his loved ones, and also Hero, the symbol of their love. 

Source: abc news

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