They lose their cat while fleeing from…
In a few seconds, a stair ramp is transformed and can be used by disabled people! Children and elderly people are having fun together: here come senior-citizen playgrounds!

They lose their cat while fleeing from war. After a few months, something incredible happens!

February 29, 2016 • By Robert Maggi

We are now sadly accustomed to seeing on TV and the Internet riveting news about forced migration due to war and terrorism. Every day we see images of people traveling to escape death and tragedy. Each one brings with them a wealth of sad and dramatic stories full of abandonment, death, and of a past that must be erased.

In this scenario, a cat can mean a lot because it is connected to memories of family and origins, a previous house and home, and the peace, safety and serenity that are now long lost. So when this beloved cat, Kunkush, miraculously returns to the arms of his owners, it is much more than just having found their cat ... it is like finding a piece of home! 

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