The volunteers shear an abandoned cat…
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The volunteers shear an abandoned cat in front of an animal shelter removing 10 lb (4.5 kg) of fur.

September 10, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Stories that talk about animals that have been abandoned always deeply touch our hearts.

The story in question that occurred in Nevada, (USA), is a rather bizarre story of an animal that had been kept in such  bad condition that it had become unrecognizable.

The strange animal, who is now affectionately called "Bob Marley", after a "beauty treatment" that allowed him to lose almost 10 lb (4.5 kg) of hair, has returned to his original glory amid the joy of all his benefactors!

If you look at the before and after photos, you will find it hard to recognize him!

The Douglas County Animal Care & Services is used to receiving visits late at night. Most of the time, they are people who leave the animals in front of their gates, who are then found the next morning by the animal shelter workers. This time the animal left in a cage was slightly different than usual. 

The scene in front of supervisor Liz Begovich and her colleagues was more unique than rare. It was an unidentified animal, covered by a mountain of woolly, untreated and never cut hair.

Once "the package" was brought in, the first hypotheses were put forward in regards to the mysterious nature of the animal. It was immediately thought to be a dog since they usually have much less well-groomed hair than cats.

The team then tried to extract the pile of fur from the cage but without success! In fact, the mass of hair blocked their attempts. In fact, in order to avoid hurting the poor creature, they had to pry open the lid of the cage to remove the animal, thereby, discovering the true nature of the animal that had been enclosed inside it. 

What was discovered left everyone stunned, in fact, it was a very large cat with a ton of thick hair, immediately dubbed "Bob Marley" by those who were present!


The animal shelter team had never saved a cat in those conditions. The mass of hair prevented its movements and for this very reason, it was considerably overweight. The poor animal was taken immediately to the veterinarian where he was sedated and about 10 lb (4.5 kg) of excess hair was removed, which was enough to fill an entire plastic garbage bag!

Once he woke up and found himself finally free from the mass of excess hair, the cat immediately started to run around the room with a newfound vitality that obviously it had previously lost.

Now Bob is considerably better but he is still recovering from the years of neglect he had experienced previously in his life.

Now Bob is back to being a big beautiful cat that is about 10 years old, and he can still give a lot to the family that took him into custody. In the meantime, the search for the man who abandoned him in those sad conditions in front of the gates of the animal shelter continues.

The CCTV cameras caught the man on film as he was abandoning the cat and the authorities are trying to identify this individual, by also posting images of this man on social networks. If the opinion is divided between those who think that it was this man who saved Bob and those who instead see him as a criminal, supervisor Liz Begovich seems to have already made up her mind about this case.

In fact, supervisor Begovich does not put too much faith in the idea regarding the good intentions of this man, especially after seeing the way and the condition in which he left the cat on their doorstep! Surely, the truth will surface but the important thing at the moment is to know that Bob is happy and in good health!

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