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Even animals experience bad days and…
16 people who would have done much better not to have gone to the hairdresser that day Pope Francis:

Even animals experience bad days and these photos (hilarious) leave us no doubt!


When we happen to have a bad day, we humans can complain and moan for hours.

Instead, our four-legged friends, who can also experience the same kind of misfortune, are still there to do what they do very well, namely, to endure the hassles of a situation with stoic patience!

In any case, we have to admit it --- what is annoying for them, for us it is often a reason to laugh, to take photos to share on social media networks and to be inspired to make funny memes. 

Let's focus on their expressions! The dog acts like nothing has happened, but the cat's face clearly says "See what I have to put up with every day?!"

My dog ​​opened the car window during the passage between the rollers at the car wash! Poor him and ... poor me!


He wanted to help us measure the correct amount of pasta and he was really working hard, but then ...

His expression is clear .... these humans still insist on treating him like a child!

We do not know what, but something went wrong ...

image: Reddit/TJNel

A bad day to be spent in bed cuddled up with your owner --- we understand, things happen!

The image of exasperation!


Unrequited love ...

No, he is not eating the cat, don't worry!


Hey, look at what that rascal of a son of yours has done to me!

This is the last time you deceive me like this, you terrible human!

image: Reddit/Benzyl

The cat realized that I was checking how much money I had on my bank account ... I think he was afraid he would not be eating any more cat treats!

 For this dog, it is not really an unusual day, rather it is the resignation of knowing that it will always be him that has to be the "ladder"!

Perhaps they could have spared me this today of all days ...

Damn ball!

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